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Why Hire an Event Planner?

About Me


be a guest at your event….

How often are you able to have all your family & friends in one room on the same night?  Upon reflection, many realize that it is more important to be in the moment where you can embrace the people around you, instead of viewing photos and video later with no memory. You are not removed from the event itself, because you are handling the details of the event itself, or putting out the small or large fires.  You are able to enjoy every single moment of your special day, and have the memories of it.  That is priceless.

Let me introduce myself, I’m Linda Parentela Vercillo. I have been in the event industry since the day I was born, literally born on a Saturday night with 6 events going on with my mom in labour and my dad at venue running the show!  I have always planned events from menu selection to soliciting vendors to creating your vision boards and also directing the show on “wedding day!”


I have decided to combine my passion for planning, travel, culinary & fashion into a full event planning company, whether, you are planning this event in Toronto or in Italy. I have the eye for details to ensure you enjoy your “moment!”