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Toronto North Couture 2019

Italy Immersion Program 2019

It’s my pleasure to offer my unreserved recommendation for Toronto North Couture’s Italy Immersion Program.

The program was a great experience for me, and I learned a lot during the two weeks I stayed there. There were lots of amazing opportunities that we were given because of this program, such as volunteering backstage at Rome Fashion Week. We learned a lot about how the industry works and got to meet designers as well. In Rome, we also visited a globally acknowledged fabric store and learned a bit about different types of fabric and what they’re best for. Linda and Mary Lou both taught us about Italian culture and took us to different places where we could experience it ourselves.

In Soverato, we stayed in yet another wonderful hotel with a beach within two minutes walking distance. When it came to the fashion show, I was blown away in the amount of work being put into it, and it was very successful as well, with the rows all filled with people watching attentively. I was also very impressed by how amazing the pictures from the photoshoots and the fashion show came out. The models were also all very kind and I didn’t find any issues with the fittings, show, and photoshoots throughout the entirety of my trip.

There were also other things we did which I found to be a great learning experience such as visiting a silkworm farm and visiting Malía’s design studio, an Italian sustainable fashion brand that sells globally where we were given advice and even had an opportunity to possibly feature one of our designs for their next collection.

I 100% recommend going on this trip for anyone considering going into the fashion industry because of how much you’ll be able to learn from it and grow as a designer.
Jasleen Sandhu

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