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Toronto North Couture 2016


Tra Di Noi is very pleased to announce that the design students from Haute Couture Academy of Fashion, Fine Arts & Design attended the first annual Toronto North Couture in Rome, Italy in July 2016, and worked backstage at Alta Moda Fashion Week  This was a unique opportunity for the students to experience, first hand, all the excitement and energy behind the scenes that go into the making of this progressive industry. 

The Academy offers programs and workshops for all ages. The Toronto North Couture program enhances all courses and is a life-changing event for all who strive to enter the fashion world.

Tra Di Noi is very different from other tour operators because Linda draws on her personal experience and expertise in all things Italian, whether culture, fashion or culinary, to create a unique tour that will be remembered forever.

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May 25, 2017

I experienced the Italy Tra Di Noi trip, run by Linda Vercillo, in the summer of 2016. In my opinion the itinerary was thoroughly thought out and organized. Every day was planned from events, meals, touring, and times for resting. There was also time to explore on our own.

Even though the trip was planned from Toronto the detail and accuracy in everything we had to do was incredible. We were even recommended food to go buy, such as pistachio croissants and a specific honey brand from Calabria. Linda is very familiar with Italy that she was able to accomplish such an amazing experience all from another country.

Our itinerary revolved around fashion centric events and we got to experience working with industry professionals in Rome through Linda’s connections. I personally felt no difference in the fact that the trip was planned in Canada. She thought through every aspect and any hiccups that occurred went unnoticed, since she always seemed to have a back-up or alternative option in mind. It was a trip I will never forget and one of the best I have ever taken. I definitely recommend Linda Vercillo as the event planner for your next event.


Victoria Cellucci

As a young up and coming designer, there has been certain areas through out my journey that required managing. Linda Vercillo has been nothing short but amazing. She took on the roll as my agent and landed me some amazing life changing opportunities that would further my career. If it weren’t for Linda I would not have been introduced to the south of Italy, Calabria, and know what it has to offer. Calabria is now making a staple in the fashion world and Reggio being deemed a new fashion capital. I had the honours of being part of the second international fashion week in Reggio and have no doubts I could grace their stage next year. Linda V also was awarded a golden muse award. A well deserved award, in my opinion, considering how much support she has given the fashion community in Canada and Italy. Also, not to mention the amount of work and energy she puts into everyone of her events.

Thank you Linda for everything, it was a pleasure and great experience working with you!

Zahirah Quevedo – First place winner of Elements of Design Fashion Show in Calabria

To any Bride-To-Be looking for THE EVENT planner!

Congratulations beautiful girl. I am sure you are full of excitement, and can hardly contain that brilliant smile. But in these coming months, you also have a lot to plan, venues to book tastes to sample, there are so many details to finalize before your special day.

Allow me to remove some of the pre-wedding planning stress. I know a lady who can turn your dreams into reality. I’m serious. Have you heard of Linda Vercillo? Linda Vercillo does not just plan an event; she plans an entire experience.

But perhaps I am getting to the point too quickly. A wedding is a significant milestone in a woman’s life. You should have some proof, so let me provide you with some evidence.

In 2015, I joined a fashion design school in Vaughan, Toronto. My dream? To work at one of the Haute Couture Fashion Shows in the world. But I was 21, had no connections to anyone in the fashion world and could barely sew to hem my pants. Little did I know there was a lady who’s daughter also attended this school. A lady who had the same dream for her daughter.

In September of 2015, the students at the school were presented with what seemed like an impossible idea. Linda was going to get us to work behind the scenes at Rome’s Haute Couture Fashion Week in Italy.

Over the months leading up to the trip, Linda worked incredibly hard sending emails, phone calls, and traveling back and forth to Italy, all to iron out all the details of the trip. She wanted us to have the most authentic experience of Italy – it is after all the country she calls home.

In July of 2016, I was sitting on a plane on my way to work for one of the world’s most elite clubs, all thanks to the work of Linda Vercillo. No other university or college program to date offered such an incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to its students, and I’ll tell you why…  No other program had Linda Vercillo.

Over the course of two weeks, I worked behind the scenes at the shows of 4 different high fashion designers, was able to watch a high fashion show, ate the most delicious pasta and pizza dishes I’ve ever had at restaurants in the heart of Rome, and had as much gelato as my heart desired. Yes, I also saw the Colosseum, the Vatican, and the Trevi Fountain but Linda made sure we experienced the beauty of the smaller, lesser known bits of Italy’s magic and it was those moments that made the trip all the more memorable.

The last week of our trip she ensured that we visited her home region southern area of Calabria before we left. There we took a boat along the coast and dove in and out of sparkling clear blue waters, we rode horses along the beach and perused the local market for fabrics and unique trinkets to take home, we travelled to the mountains to learn how to make a traditional Italian meal from scratch, we woke early to get our pick of freshly baked goods at the best bakery in town, stayed up late through the night to watch the sunrise over the Ionian Sea, and we drove late at night into the mountains just to get photos of the coastal city lit up in the night. Linda put her heart and soul into planning this experience of Italy for us. I have had the privilege of traveling to many countries, but this trip is The trip I will never forget.

Linda Vercillo is a fairy godmother. She will help you find your glass heels, the crystal carriage, and she will plan you the perfect ball. It does not matter where in the world you want your wedding, Linda will put her heart, soul, and boundless creativity into every experience she plans. Linda will think of all the little details you didn’t even consider to make your day just that extra little bit special.

I wish you happiness, laughs, and love to last a lifetime. I know I leave you in very capable, caring hands. All the best.


Imaan Waja