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Event Planning Academy Reviews

Thanks for all your support. I totally blame the craziness of my life right on you! If not for your class, energy, and passion, I'm not sure this would have been my focus. It has all forced me to reevaluate my mission, goals ...and with all that I've been making changes and rebuilding what I've started...creating a new vision. I'm faithful that this is going to springboard me to the next level!

La Firn Former Student

Linda is amazing and very inspiring. Having her has made a huge impact on us as students at Trebas. She knows the subject very well and always has real-life experience to relate to. We love Linda! Thank you for making a difference in our experience at Trebas.

Former Student

Linda is a fantastic teacher. She has so much knowledge and passion for this subject. There is a great atmosphere in class, all the students are so engaged in the subject and how she teaches. The assignment that she gave s was fun and helpful and useful for our future. We love Linda!

Former Student

I have learned so much from Linda so many things about events especially weddings. She is hands-on for everything. Giving examples through experiences. She is always engaged in our assignments, making sure we understand and are on the right track.

Because wedding planning is my first time to plan. I have to take time to think. I am interested in this subject and I want to learn more. Linda was great. She had lots of experience that we can learn.

Former Student

To future event planning student,

I’ve never had so much fun and learned so much at the same time in a class before. Linda makes the classroom environment a safe place where we can let our imagination and creativity fly. She taught us how to plan and execute a beautiful and safe tent wedding in a huge empty land with nothing around us, meeting at the specific demands from the client and staying within budget. If I started to explain and tell you all the different things we have explored in Linda’s class, this paragraph would be a lot longer. I look at Linda as a mentor and role model I look up to and admire. Everything I have learned in her class will be with me throughout my career as an event planner.

Valentina Former Student