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Event Planning Academy

Tra di noi wedding planning 2


Students will learn the necessary skills to prosper in the industry of event planning. Students will learn a successful Event & Wedding Planning system developed by industry professionals that will assist them in launching their careers. 

Graduates will be able to successfully execute all types of events, from events to weddings, and everything in between. In order to do this, the program will teach students how to manage the key elements of events including venue, menu choices, decor design, costs, budgets and much more. Students will learn how to effectively design an event from beginning to end in order to meet the vision of their clients. They will learn the key indicators to consider when choosing venues, and vendors and how to problem-solve. 

This program is ideal for students who are looking to build a career as an event planner. While our additional program, Event Planning 2, is tailored for those interested in starting their own business in the event planning field.

The Program

This is an intensive program that teaches Event Planning curriculum in a shorter, and more hands-on program. The program teaches the essential tactics necessary to be a successful event planner, through thorough lessons, and practical insight. 

In Our Event & Wedding Planning Course, you will learn…

  • Project Management
  • Step by step into event and wedding planning
  • Understanding the components of a successful event
  • How to consult with a client in order to understand their vision, and create an unforgettable event
  • How to undertake the event production including logistics and choosing a venue
  • How to create and use a vision board
  • How to build and execute an itinerary
  • How to implement the event design including layout, lighting
  • How to deal with vendors and suppliers
  • How to work with caterers, and suppliers to manage menus, budget, and deadlines
  • Understanding the basis of floral and decor
  • Floor mapping
  • Creating a seamless theme to suit your clients’ goal, concept, and vision for the event in all elements
  • Learn to manage event logistics, such as establishing timelines.
  • How to mitigate and solve disasters