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Be a Guest at Your Own Event


Nothing is worse than feeling so worn out with attending to all the details of your own event that you can’t even enjoy it.

As your event planner, I’m there for you.  I’m your eyes & ears.  I represent you & take care of you. Each vendor is there to provide their service but if there are any unexpected changes at the last moment that need addressing, Tra Di Noi Events is there for you!

I grew up in the event industry… I was literally born on a Saturday night in the middle of the hustle and bustle of 6 weddings!

Attending thousands of weddings & events in the last 46 years and working in sales at our family venue, I’ve always been shocked that clients spend so much money on the details but, they forget to take care of themselves on event day.

What do I mean by that?  On event day, you’re busy getting your hair, makeup and photos done, greeting your guests and trying to hide your nerves, so that no one notices that all you’re thinking about is whether everything is under control or  how are things coming along at the venue. It can spoil your special day to have to worry about little glitches that come up that demand your attention.

Tra Di Noi Events will handle all these for you, leaving you perfectly relaxed to enjoy your day. I send periodic text messages to you throughout the day, letting you know that all is under control. I won’t send you photos though….I still want to see the joy on your face when you enter the venue!

An event planner is your key to “be a guest at your own event!”